So many students are very lazy, and that’s why they are having problems. Nothing good comes easily. You have to work hard for every tangible or meaningful thing you want.

I want you to know that laziness hinders success. When a student is lazy, the student tends to fail in life. That is because he/she is not ready to pay the price for success or breakthrough in life. In order for a student to become successful in life, the student needs to work hard. He/she needs to embrace hard work. Laziness will destroy the life of a student, the way it destroyed that of some people. There are numerous people that are living in regret, simply because they were lazy during their school days.

I want to inform you that you are lazy, if you don’t do the following: write notes, do assignment, read your notes/books, stay in class during lesson, prepare ahead for examinations, do your house chores, assist your Parents/Guardian when they need you. There is need for you to get things done, it is very important. I am aware that apart from studies, every student has talent/potential that can make him/her successful but if you are lazy, you can never be successful. It is not a curse, it is the truth. There are numerous people that became successful through their talent/potential. They were not lazy. So, in order for you also to become what you want to be, you need to work hard. Read these quotes:

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For”                                 

“Work Hard And Stay Hungry. Lazy People Get Nowhere In Life”

“Laziness Leads Many People Astray”               

The quotes above are true. I want you to read them again.

I want to believe you read the quotes again……..very good of you.

Always have it in mind that laziness can’t take you anywhere. Hence, you need to work hard and pray to Almighty God to crown your effort.

To Be Continued Next Week….

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Omolade Adnan Seyi is the C.E.O of Leregist. He is a graduate of Osun State University, Osogbo where he obtained a degree in Political Science Education. He is a teacher, writer and a seasoned politician. Contact: 08022475224

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