In the last publication (Week 1), I explained Contentment and the consequences of lack of contentment. I believe you guys gained something from the last post. This week’s post is the continuation of last week’s publication.

It is not a lie; lack of contentment can put one in a bad situation. That is why you need to be contented and patient. Please, do not let anyone convince you that; engaging in illegal dealings doesn’t mean anything. I am telling you confidently that it means a lot. Try as much as possible to manage what you have and appreciate whatever your Parents give to you.

There are students that do not like to manage. I know some students that do complain whenever they are given little by their Parents. There is a particular student that is fond of complaining whenever his father gives him money. In the presence of his father, he would be comparing himself to other students (friends) that are rich. He would be telling his father how other students are living their lives. The father made him to understand that fingers are not equal and that he should be contented with what he is given but he didn’t listen. Let me inform you that this boy is now rich, though, am not convinced that he made his money legally. One of the reasons why am not convinced is that, since the beginning of Corona Virus Pandemic, this student’s lifestyle has been very expensive. He uses expensive gadgets, puts on expensive designer wears, lives in luxury apartment with friends. His friends’ lifestyle is not different from his own. Then I wonder how on earth a student in his early twenties would be spending money like he does, in this present economy. Everyone knows that the economy is not friendly, due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. So many businesses have closed down, so many people lost their jobs, those that still have their jobs had their salaries slashed and surviving businesses are operating on a low budget. So, how come a student that is not from a rich home is living large with friends, without having a visible business. Only God knows how they became rich.

The dangerous part of their actions is that, if they get caught in an illegal act, they will be jailed or killed. It is also possible for them to suffer the consequences of their actions before they get arrested. This is because they may go spiritual (make sacrifice to gods, which could involve bloodshed), probably because they are going broke, and the repercussion may be that; they will run mad or die suddenly.

So many students have been involved in illegal acts, and they are in bad state now. Some of them are dead and forgotten. All the properties they acquired illegally were either seized or sold to another person/company, due to the arrest or demise of those students…….hmmm…vanity.

I want to advise you all to be contented with what you have. Don’t complain whenever your Parents/Guardians give you something. Appreciate their effort and hope for more. If you get involved in illegal dealings, you will regret it.   

To Be Continued Next Week….      

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Omolade Adnan Seyi is the C.E.O of Leregist. He is a graduate of Osun State University, Osogbo where he obtained a degree in Political Science Education. He is a teacher, writer and a seasoned politician. Contact: 08022475224

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