Hello Students, this is the first publication (Week 1) on Students Guide. I want you to know that a lot is happening in our society and there is need for you guys to be guided because so many students have been led astray, and some are regretting currently while some are dead. Hence, the reason why Students Guide was introduced.

This week’s publication is titled “CONTENTMENT”. Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction. That is, you are happy with what you have, and you are hoping or striving (legally) to get more. Read this quote: “To be content doesn’t mean you don’t desire more. It means you are thankful for what you have and patient for what’s to come”. As a student, you need to understand that fingers are not equal. The fact that your Parents/Guardian provides most of your needs is enough reason for you to be happy and satisfied. Do not complain or compare yourself to others (friends/schoolmates). You don’t know what some of your friends/schoolmates engage in behind your back. There is need for you to stand firm, and manage whatever it is your parents/guardian provides for you. So many students engage in stealing, gambling and other bad behaviours, simply because they want to buy things that their parents/guardian couldn’t provide for them. These students bring the things they bought with illegal money to school, and when you see those things, you feel bad and that is because you do not have such things. Well, you do not need to bother yourself over things you can’t afford. A time is coming that you will be able to get what you want/need, without getting involved in illegal dealings.

I want you to always demand for whatever you need from your parents/guardian and other family members. You should never have the mindset of demanding from friends or other people, especially, the opposite sex. This is because it makes you vulnerable to manipulations or insults (Insults can lead to frustration, and that is not good for you because it can make you misbehave without a second thought). Let me share a short story of a female student: The girl’s name is Titilayo (not real name), she was fond of collecting money from male students. Whenever she needed anything, and her parents couldn’t provide for her, she would demand from her male friends (students). She usually demands from them because these students spent money on food and drinks, they used expensive phones, put on expensive clothes. In short, their lifestyle was tempting enough. Unfortunately, she couldn’t convince herself that the lifestyle of those students was questionable. She got closer to them, spent most of her time with them claiming “she likes male friends because they are understanding and do not gossip”………funny. What she failed to understand was that; she was getting closer to them because of her needs and they (male friends) were happy to have her around because she can be easily manipulated or influenced due to her needs. Let me inform you that relying on friends (male or female) is very dangerous. My advice to you is that, you should rely on your parents/guardian and other family members. As time went on, Titilayo found out that “stealing” was the source of her male friends’ expensive lifestyle. They convinced (brainwashed) her that they needed to do that in order to be in the same level (standard) with other rich people in the society. Her lifestyle was like their own already, so turning back was very tough, considering the fact that her level had changed and fellow students saw her as a “big girl”. They were eventually caught and punished severely. Today, Titilayo regrets that she was not satisfied with what she got from her parents. Lack of contentment and greed pushed her into stealing with her male friends. She regrets her actions because she disappointed herself and her family. People have a bad impression about her, and in fact, some parents told their children not to move with her. We all know that nobody wants to be associated with a thief. Well, Titilayo has learnt her lessons, and she has started working towards becoming a better student that will be useful to herself, her family and the society at large by God’s grace.

So, I want you to be a good student, manage what you have and hope for more from your parents. Don’t pressurize them or make them feel bad because they didn’t grant your request. I want you to know that they will certainly grant it later. There are times that your parents deny themselves of certain things, in order to provide for you. Whenever you are angry that your parents/guardian didn’t provide your needs, always remind yourself of the days they made you happy. That is, the days they gave you what you asked for.

I am aware of the fact that some students do not have parents/guardian…..so sorry about that. I want you to know that God is with you, he won’t leave you alone to suffer…..put your trust in him. However, I want to advise you to seek help from your family members, teachers or religious leaders. I think they can be of help but if they couldn’t provide for you, please manage what you have……I beg you in the name of God. Do not take a wrong step because of the inability of those people to provide for you. I want you to persevere, be patient, stand firm, manage what you have and most importantly, be prayerful. It is not going to be easy, considering what you will be seeing around you but I want you stand firm…..don’t let anyone mislead you. There are those that will mock you, I can assure you of that but if you try as much as possible to control your emotions, they will never be able to break you.

To Be Continued Next Week.                       

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Omolade Adnan Seyi is the C.E.O of Leregist. He is a graduate of Osun State University, Osogbo where he obtained a degree in Political Science Education. He is a teacher, writer and a seasoned politician. Contact: 08022475224

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