Interview With The Chairman, Surulere Battalion of the Boys Brigade Lagos State Council On The Battalion’s Medical Outreach.

By Omolade Adnan:

I Want You To Introduce Yourself Sir?

My name is Frederick Enyinda Ichekwai, I am the Chairman of Surulere Batallion Council of the Boys Brigade, Lagos State Council. I am also the Captain of the Boys Brigade 5th Surulere Company attached to All Saints Anglican Church Surulere, Ojuelegba. I am married and blessed with four fantastic children aged 15, 13 and 9 years old. The 9 years old are a set of twin boys.

Ok. So What Can You Say About This Ongoing Medical Outreach?

The medical outreach is a dream that was conceived by the Executive Council of the Battalion at its retreat and year 2019 program planning held in December 2018.It came as a result of suggestions from the Executive members for the Council to carry out a charity day event while another suggested we carry out a medical outreach. We all eventually and prayerfully agreed to combine the activities as one program. The result was the “medical outreach and charity day event” recently concluded.

L-R Chairman of Boys Brigade Lagos State and Chairman of Boys Brigade Surulere Battalion.

Tell Me About The Preparation For This Wonderful Programme From Boys Brigade Surulere Battalion?

The program planning was quite tasking and demanding but worth all the pain at the end. The Executives and I had to expend our personal resources towards the success of the program. We also had tremendous support from our State Patron in person of Hon. Desmond Olusola Elliot who not only contributed financially towards the project but also used his goodwill to give us access to some philanthropic assistance from various sectors of the government. For instance, the Surulere Local Government who worked with us assiduously to see to the success of the event.

We also rode on the goodwill of the Honourable Elliot to have access to gifts of medicated glasses and medical personnel. Also the Supervisor for Health of the Surulere Local Government, Hon. Kolawole Oyewole, was of great assistance to us and we wish to appreciate him for all the effort with the medical doctors and personnel that attend the event.

Wow That Is Nice.

Yes.Also, I must inform you that part of our work as Boys Brigade is to add value to lives, give back to the society no matter how small. Though, relatively young, we have been called to manage the affairs of young children, whom we mold into the nature of Christ. We continue advising them on how they should conduct themselves in life and in society and how to be better persons. We inform them about the importance of helping others and adding value to human lives. This is how we add value and carve a legacy for the young members of Boys Brigade.

This program is therefore our way of giving back to society. We were able to get Medical Doctors, Optometrist, Nurses who were on hand to assist us in giving quality but free medical services to those within the community.

Permit me to also express my love and appreciation to the Managing Director of the House of Nuneh, Mr. Akin who donated 200 medicated eye glasses of different strengths which were prescribed after a careful examination by the Team of Optometrists working closely with the team from the Ministry of Health who also donated some glasses to the project.

Tell Me A Bit About Boys BrigadeAnd Its Founder?

Boys Brigade was founded by Mr. William A. Smith in 1883, a soldier and Sunday school teacher. Boys Brigade was formed out of his desire to guide boys, train them, enforce discipline in their lives and at the same time bring them closer to God. So that is the two pillars that the Brigade stands on, Discipline and Religion. These two pillars are what drives us as a body of Christ and personally as an individual. With this I believe you understand what we are doing now and why we live by the two pillars.

Yes I Do And I Must Commend The Boys Brigade For That. So Since When Have You Been Doing This Medical Outreach?

This is our first in Surulere Battalion (Laughs). The Executive came up with this idea when we came into office following the elections held in December 2018. Prior to this Executive Council in Surulere Battalion, no such outreach has ever been done.

After This Year’s Outreach, Do You Intend To Stop Or Continue?

Sincerely, with what we have been able to achieve today, it is our hope that we can repeat this outreach soon. Indeed, someone has approached me earlier to say we should do this at least twice a year. The challenge will however be dealing with the cost element of putting the program together who knows, there might be some good-hearted people out there who would be willing to support us.

In case anyone is interested in seeing us continue to deliver this kind of program and at a bigger level, they should please reach out to Boys Brigade Surulere Battalion at our Secretariat located within the premises of Folawiyo Bankole Memorial Church in Ikate, on Folawiyo Bankole Street, Ikate Lagos. You can also reach us through this blogger.

We pray that the good natured people around the world will support us to reach out to more persons as people are suffering, people are hungry and if we can be of assistance to our fellows, why not do the best we can to make the world a better place for all.

Thank You So Much Sir

Thank you, God bless you.

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